Our Tree Varieties

Welcome to Barding Farm, your hometown Christmas tree farm where holiday magic happens! We think picking out a tree should be a fun adventure, so come wander our fun old fashioned Christmas Tree Lot and pick our your perfect tree.

Choosing local does the planet some good by cutting down on shipping. And it keeps small farms like ours going strong! We've got all kinds of trees - from traditional to modern, rustic to glam - so you can find just the right fit for your family's style.

Trees We Offer

Douglas Fir, Pre-Cut

The Douglas Fir just looks like the quintessential classic Christmas tree to me. It has such pretty green-blue needles and those lovely cone shapes - it's what I envision when I think old-fashioned, storybook holiday! The scent is wonderful too, like walking through a wintery forest. Overall, you can't beat the timeless beauty of the Douglas Fir!

White Pine (Coming Soon!)

White Pines make such graceful Christmas trees. They have very soft, flexible needles in a beautiful blue-green hue. The nicely spaced branches give you plenty of room to show off special ornaments. And they have a delightful pine scent and naturally tapered shape that embody simple elegance.

Murray Cypress (Coming Soon!)

We are really fond of the Murray Cypress for Christmas. The feathery green needles and pyramid shape make it absolutely stunning. The branches are ideal for decorating with your holiday adornments. It has the crisp, refreshing fragrance of winter woods. If you want an elegant Southern beauty for your Christmas tree, the Murray Cypress is perfect!