How We Grow Our Christmas Trees

At Barding Farm, we take real pride in growing tip-top, quality Christmas trees! From planting those tiny seedlings to cutting down big beauties at harvest, our trees go through a careful process so they'll be healthy, lively, and ready to brighten up your holiday. Let us walk you through just how we grow these trees from start to finish.

Step 1: Preparing the Land

The first step in growing Christmas trees is to prepare the land for planting. This involves clearing the area of any debris or vegetation, weeding the soil to ensure proper drainage and nutrient uptake, and adding any necessary soil amendments. We take great care to make sure our soil is rich and healthy, using natural methods to promote growth and sustainability.

Step 2: Planting the Seedlings

Planting the Christmas tree seedlings is one of our favorite steps at the farm. We carefully space the small trees in organized rows, digging a hole by hand for each seedling. Gently, we lower each one into the ground, packing soil securely around the roots. It's so gratifying to see the tiny trunks aligned, ready to grow upwards. Proper spacing allows each tree ample room to extend branches as it matures. 

Step 3: Watering and Maintenance

Looking after those little seedlings as they grow is so important to raise 'em up robust and healthy. We keep a close eye on the soil moisture, pull any weeds, and give organic fertilizer when they need it. Watching over them real attentive-like this way keeps away pests and disease without using harsh chemicals.

Step 4: Pruning and Shaping

Pruning and shaping the growing trees is so important to help them fill out real nice. We carefully trim back any branches getting too long or wayward, gently guiding each tree into a healthy shape. We make sure the trees look their best for your home - it's like tending living art!

Step 5: Harvesting

Lastly, when our trees reach their peak, it's time for the harvest! We hand pick only the finest trees for our customers, cutting them at just the right moment to ensure premium freshness. The trees are gently packaged up and trucked over to our shop, where they await new families to take them home and transform them into beautiful holiday centerpieces!

Growing the best Christmas trees takes a lot of time and attention to detail. It's precise work that needs real care and know-how. At Barding Farm, we are so proud of our dedication to raising quality trees using natural, sustainable ways. When you buy one of our trees, you can count on it being grown with expertise and care, ready to make your holidays brighter and more beautiful.