Christmas Tree Decorating through History

The story of the Christmas tree is just fascinating to me - it stretches back centuries and across cultures! Today we see it as that iconic symbol of the holidays, but it's changed so much over time. One of the most interesting parts is seeing how folks have decorated trees way back through the years. Those old decorations can be so beautiful and meaningful.

Back in the 16th century, folks would adorn Christmas trees with edibles like apples, nuts, and dates. These decorations honored the tree and gave kids some yummy treats. Candles were also used to light up the tree and give a warm, cozy feel. Seeing those beautiful decorations on the older trees really takes us back in time.

During the 19th century Victorian era, folks took a real formal, fancy approach to trimming the tree. Using tinsel, glass ornaments, and little figurines became popular and made the trees seem extra elegant. The Victorians were into using natural things like feathers, flowers, and leaves too. We just love the beauty and creativity of those vintage Victorian tree decorations.

When the Art Deco style took off in the early 1900s, it really shook up Christmas tree decorating. Bright colors, geometric shapes, and glitzy metallic adornments were all the craze, showing off that bold, modern look of the times. Electric lights started replacing candles too - they were safer and easier! We find those flashy vintage Art Deco ornaments so fascinating when we come across them nowadays.

After World War II in the 1950s, Christmas decorations took on more playful, whimsical styles. Pastel colors were huge, along with shiny finishes and fun shapes that gave a more lighthearted feel. Plastic ornaments really caught on too since they were affordable and lasted well. We just adore coming across those sweet, retro mid-century decorations and adding them to our trees nowadays.

Nowadays in the 21st century, Christmas tree decorating is more diverse and personalized than ever. So many families make their own special ornaments that reflect their personalities and hobbies. Natural elements like pinecones, twigs, and berries are popular too for a rustic, earthy look. We just love seeing all the creative, meaningful ways people decorate their trees today. It's amazing how decorations keep evolving with the times!

At Barding Farm, we provide all kinds of Christmas tree decorating services to help make your holidays just picture-perfect. Whether you lean classic or modern, our expert team can decorate a stunning tree that matches your personal style and celebrates the holiday spirit. From delivering and trimming your tree to leading decorating workshops and ornament making - we love helping create lifelong memories. You can trust us here at Barding Farm to make your Christmas truly special and unforgettable.